Bowling Green State University


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Mahatma Ghandi


Academic Excellence: We provide academic support for our chapters and individual members and are committed to the highest ideals of academic achievement. To accomplish this, chapters develop and maintain an academic program that will promote growth, recognition, and accountability for the organization and individual members.

Civic Engagement: We promote and encourage a lifelong commitment to philanthropic endeavors, direct service, and practicing responsible citizenship among our members.

Leadership: We encourage, support, and foster leadership among our members. We define leadership not by the position held, but by actions that members take to contribute positively to their chapter and greater communities for which they are a part.

Positive Relationships: We strive to contribute positively to our community. This includes the Greek community, Bowling Green State University, and the city of Bowling Green. Our chapters develop and uphold a healthy and safe environment that promotes sisterhood, while creating and maintaining relationships in our community.

Our Pillars of Excellence