Bowling Green State University

Message From the

Panhellenic President

Welcome to the College Panhellenic Conference at Bowling Green State University!


The Fraternity & Sorority community at BGSU is much different than at any other university. All 11 chapters of our Panhellenic conference are made up of the strong and passionate women. They’re academically driven, service-oriented, and are bonded through a tie of loyal sisterhood. In joining the Greek community, I am surrounded by women who encourage me to grow every day, challenge me in ways I need, and have inspired me to be the best version of myself. I hope that you find your home in this community, just as I have.


The College Panhellenic Conference aims to empower the women of our community. We provide opportunities to develop the character of our women through programming and positive interactions between our chapters and with our school community. 


We are only one council, though. We are connected to BGSU’s fraternity and sorority life, spread out through four separate councils: IFC, MGC & NPHC. Working together, we are a team. Despite our letters, our community shares the same values. By developing stronger relationships among each council, we can empower our members to build new friendships and work together as a collective whole in times of urgency.


We can’t wait to meet you, and hope you can continue on as we come together as a Greek community.




Hannah Koncelik


College Panhellenic Conference | Bowling Green State Association