Primary Recruitment 2021


Primary Recruitment

Primary Recruitment is a mutual selection process that seeks to pair potential new members with sororities that best reflect their personal values and expectations of a collegiate Greek experience. Just as participants are making decisions about which organizations they are most interested in, so are the members of each sorority making decisions about whom they see as a best fit. Each participant will have the opportunity to meet each sorority once, but the remaining rounds are by invitation only. Participation in Primary Recruitment does not guarantee an invitation to membership nor does it obligate a woman to join.

Recruitment begins after the first week of the academic term, and to avoid conflicts with class, recruitment activities are scheduled on weekday evenings and weekend days.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Primary Recruitment dates and times!



All potential new members, you, will attend an Orientation session in which you will meet the Panhellenic Recruitment Staff including the members of the Panhellenic Executive Board and Recruitment Counselors. You are required to attend only one of the sessions.During Orientation, you will learn about all of the chapters that you will be meeting, gain more knowledge about what to expect during the recruitment process, and meet your Rho Gammas! Each Rho Gamma (ΡΓ) is assigned to work with a group of participants as a guide and mentor throughout the recruitment process. Additionally, your Rho Gamma’s will help to ensure that you understand all portions of recruitment and assist you in decision-making.

You will also receive an overview of the sorority recruitment schedule.

Typical Attire: For this evening, casual attire is encouraged. Potential new members will not be meeting any of the recruiting chapters.


Recruitment Rounds

Open House Round: 

During the first two days of sorority recruitment, you will meet with all 11 of the participating organizations for 20 minutes each. All of the chapters will greet you with some of their favorite cheers and chants to get you excited about meeting them. Conversations on these days will focus on learning basic information about the chapter and what kind of members they are seeking to join their organization. You should also be sharing information about yourself (i.e. what you want to gain from a sorority experience and your aspirations for post-collegiate life).

Typical Attire: The Panhellenic Council will provide a general Go Greek t-shirt that you will wear for the first two days of recruitment. This shirt will be white and easy to pair with any bottoms of your choice. Typical bottoms for this round can range from a pair of shorts, to jeans, or a denim skirt. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

As a general rule, please bring as little as possible with you. You won’t be permitted to take any of your possessions inside the rooms with you, so all of your belongings will be kept by your Rho Gamma. Typical items to bring with you can include: a cell phone, a wallet, snacks, breath mints, etc.

Philanthropy Round: 

If invited, you may visit up to 8 chapters for 25 minutes each. After discussing the chapter’s philanthropy (a charity or organization sponsored by the sorority), conversations should focus on how the sorority works to support that organization through its activities. Feel free to continue sharing more details about yourself because the chapters that you are visiting have an interest in getting to know you better.

Typical Attire: During this round, attire is similar to that of the Open House Round. Potential new members are encouraged to wear well-fitting blouses with the bottoms of their choice or a sundress. Again, comfortable shoes are encouraged, as this is the longest day of recruitment.

Sisterhood Round: 

On the fourth day of recruitment, if invited, you may visit up to 5 chapters for 40 minutes each. After viewing a short film about what the chapter values most in its sisterhood, conversations should focus on where you can see yourself best fitting as a new member. This is a good time to ask questions about what the expectations are of new members in the organization, the sorority’s housing policy, and how much membership costs.

Typical Attire: During this round, attire should mirror previous rounds. A well-fitting blouse paired with bottoms of your choice or a sundress is appropriate.  A sandal or dress shoe is recommended.

Preference Round: 

On the final day of sorority recruitment, if invited, you may visit up to 2 chapters for 60 minutes each. During this round, the members of the organization(s) you visit will share their preference ceremony with you, which is one of the most special parts of the chapter’s open Ritual. The Preference ceremony focuses on what the members of the organization have found special about their sisterhood and why they are interested in potentially sharing that with you. Conversation during this round will focus on how you could see yourself fitting into the organization (s) that you visit that evening. After the conclusion of this round, you will make the final selection about which organization(s) you would want to receive an invitation to membership, or bid, from.

Typical Attire: A dress or some other type of semi-formal attire is appropriate for this round. A sandal or dress shoe is recommended.

Bid Day Celebration: 

If you have received a bid to membership, you will come to the Union to meet with your Rho Gammas for the final time.  After a short welcome from the Panhellenic Recruitment Staff, you will be released to meet your new chapter for Bid Day celebratory activities.

Typical Attire: Attire for Bid Day is casual. You will most likely receive a t-shirt from your new organization this evening so feel free to wear a casual top and whatever bottoms and shoes you are most comfortable in.


Should you choose to decline the bid that you receive at Bid Day, you will be unable to participate in recruitment again until the next Formal Recruitment period at BGSU. If you do not receive a bid to membership, you will be immediately eligible to participate in Continuous Open Bidding.