Common Questions and Answers

What will being in a sorority do for me?

Leadership opportunities
Life long friendships
Opportunity to give back to the community through service
Emphasis on scholarship
Social Opportunities
Everlasting memories
Networking opportunities to connect with national chapter members from across the country and internationally

What is Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment?

Recruitment is a two week long series of events, coordinated by the Panhellenic Conference, where the chapters get to know you, and you get to know the women of each chapter. Panhellenic sorority recruitment is a mutual selection process that is filled with activities designed to offer prospective members the chance to learn about the Panhellenic sororities in a concentrated period of time. It is an opportunity for potential new members (PNMs) to meet the sorority members, ask questions, and define financial obligations, time commitments, and membership requirements. Whether or not you decide to join a Panhellenic sorority, recruitment is a great way to meet people and get acquainted with life at BGSU!

How much does sorority recruitment cost and where does the money go?

The registration fee is TBD. Recruitment fees pay for your recruitment T shirt, and a booklet featuring all chapter information which you will receive on the first day.

What is Bid Day?

Bid Day is the last day of Formal Recruitment where potential new members receive their invitation, or bid, to join a sorority. This is the day that PNMs become official new members in our community!

What is a legacy?

A Legacy is defined differently by each chapter. Typically, it is a Potential New Member who has a mother, grandmother, or sister who is/was a member of a sorority while in college. Legacies may be given special consideration by the chapters that their female family member(s) are affiliated with, but they are never guaranteed membership in that particular sorority. We suggest every woman in Membership Recruitment have an open mind toward all of our sororities.

What if I turn down the bid I receive on Bid Day?

If you receive a bid from a chapter on Bid Day, and decide not to accept it, you will not be able to pursue another sorority for one calendar year. Once the calendar year is up, you would have the opportunity to go through formal recruitment again or join informally if the sorority that you would like to join has the room to be able to conduct open recruitment

Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

Bowling Green State University requires that anyone participating in recruitment not be on academic probation. Please be advised that every sorority has established its own academic requirements. Many chapters follow the guidelines set by their inter/national organizations when deciding to offer invitations and bids. It is also important to note that very few grade exceptions are made by each chapter. Potential members who do not meet a chapter's academic requirements are released early in the recruitment process to allow them the opportunity to explore other alternatives. However, grades are considered throughout the entire process.

What is a Rho Gamma?

A Rho Gamma, or recruitment counselor, is a woman who is a member of a sorority who will help you through the recruitment process by answering questions and guiding you through the exciting events of the week. Rho Gammas help model the way for you and serve you as a confident and sounding board as you search for a sorority that meets your needs and values.

Every Potential New Member (PNM) will be assigned to a group of women led by Rho Gammas.

What is Preference?

Preference round, or Pref, signals the end of Primary Recruitment. This day is more serious than the other days and will consist of traditional ceremonies that are unique to each chapter. Further details about Preference will be discussed in groups by your Rho Gamma during recruitment.

Do I need to register to be a part of Recruitment?